10 Reasons to Start Using Cydia Store

It is not worth mentioning what Cydia is and which is its purpose. I am aware that all of you heard about Cydia at least one time. Apple users are very familiar with jailbreaking and with Cydia download. They look for new ways in which they can transform their devices into more powerful ones. Fortunately, Cydia is the right way to look for amazing free apps and interesting Cydia tweaks. I am pretty sure that once you will explore Cydia will be convinced by its utility. For those of you who still doubt its effectiveness, I want to mention several reasons why Apple users should jailbreak their iPhone or iPad. When I say reasons, I want to mention several important apps and tweaks.


Some people would place appearance and design on the first place. I must agree with them and I will mention the Winterboard app. This app along with the Dream Board app allows you to change the appearance of your device completely. You will be able to change ringtones, themes, wallpapers and icons. I enjoy making my device my own.

Then, I want to say something about the SBSettings. This app is used to place important and favorite features on the status bar for a quick access. Then, the Five Icon Deck is kind of the same time. This will put a five-icon status bar on the home screen and you can place several favorite shortcuts.

MyWi app is famous for turning your Cubot phone into a hotspot. In this way, you will able tot move the internet connection on your device. Browser changer app allows you to decide which browser you want to use. You will see that it is quite useful. The iFile app gives you the possibility to change several files at the level of the operating system. On the other hand, InfiniFolder app allows you to create numerous folders in other folder. I want to finish by mentioning the BiteSMS app. This is a great help when you want to text long texts or when you are engaged in a different application.


You will see how useful these apps are in the moment you install Cydia download on your device.

TechCrunch blog recently posted a fascinating review of Evernote CEO Phil Libin’s speech at the LeWeb event in London. Libin described Evernote’s revenue model and declared the app is used by 34 million users with approximately 1.4 million of them now paying the Evernote subscription fee in some form.

This could be interpreted as a significant increase in reported subscribers since just May when estimates showed the app surpassing a million subscribers. Certainly whoever released the million subscriber estimate in May was playing it safe and downplaying the number of subscribers. That is unless the app has added about 400,000 new paying users in two months time.

Perhaps even more interesting however are Libin’s comments regarding his vision for the future of Evernote. Libin appears to envision Evernote as society’s historian. He describes the service as a forum which will house your personal notes for 100 years into the future. Libin obviously considers the legal and probate challenges to passing Evernote accounts down from generation to generation and allowing future generations to access and maintain the notes you create. This will create the need for purchasing ongoing subscriptions for years into the future and should solidify Evernote’s income stream. At least, as long as data storage doesn’t become completely free. Which, of course, it will! Right?

Libin’s comments seem designed to make it clear that Evernote is not an easy acquisition target. After all, a mission this grandiose should not be put at risk by acquisition from a bigger partner that may not share the vision.

In addition to clearing through the potential probate-related legal issues the service could enhance the viability of the plan by incorporating a long term subscription service. No one will want to risk losing a lifetime of notes simply because a credit card expired and a two dollar payment to Evernote went unmet. How much is 100 years worth of space on Evernote’s servers worth? And, even when offered at a discounted rate is it worth it to purchase a commodity long term which is rapidly deflating in value? Maybe this is an ingenious attempt to inflate Evernote’s revenues in the short term while incurring little liability in the long term.

In reading the Libin vision, the reader almost assumes that it isn’t just a marketing ploy or revenue raising strategy. Libin’s views could clearly be the insights of a true believer completely committed to allowing his users to document just about every aspect of life. He seems dedicated to the concept of archiving and preserving his user’s day to day activities inside of the Evernote infrastructure where they will be maintained forever.


This might give some pause for thought before recording an audio note or scribbling out a text note. After all, no doubt future generations could find the note after entering an obscure search term.

Consider that just a few years ago the idea of entering notes from a smart phone was almost unheard of. Now, a few years later, those notes are potentially a sort of super archive of the activities of individual members of society. The Evernote vision is absolutely fascinating!

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