7 things to know when buying a Cubot smartphone from Kilimall Kenya

Now that the Cubot phone has landed in Kenya, everyone is out to get one; this is not a bad thing with the consideration that this is an excellent phone. It is a smartphone that has been making its way in Kenya in the previous few months. The reception has been quite good from all sectors considering that Kenya is composed of people who are really sensitive about the phones that they are using. It is quite funny that even the name of a phone in Kenya may give it a great entry into the market or make it fall and never be heard of again. Some smartphones came to the country and never saw the next dawn.

Cubot Note S

Cubot, on the other hand, has been able to beat some of these odds by having a great reception by the Kenyan population. With only a few months around, it is almost a household name in most individuals more so in the young generation. This may be due to the fact this phone comes with designs and features that are very appealing to the young generation. With such a trend I see this phone getting a significant share in the Kenyan market in few years to come.

With the increasing demand in the Cubot phone, you may also be among the people going to get a new Cubot from any day from now. Let us then look at what you need to know about the Cubot smartphone.

  1. Efficiency

phone speed

In this case, I will talk about the speed in the various Cubot phones. A smartphone with speed will give the user the effectiveness that they need in a phone.  Most of the Cubot phones that are recent have a RAM of not less that 2GB, this combined with the processors of this phone ensures that you get a phone that is well able to handle all the application that you may have. It also ensures that your phone is not constantly hanging when you are in the middle of something that is important, for people who love playing games; Cubot is in a position to give you this experience. This is because the processor and the RAM are built to handle such usage on the phone. Most of the smartphones in the Kenyan market have not been able to give us this satisfaction. This is why they will probably face competition from the Cubot phone if they don’t upgrade their phones soonest possible. This factor may make you grab this smartphone which will take you to a whole new level regarding speed.

  1. Camera

Phone camera

Nowadays the phone is not the device that was used for communication purposes only. It is a gadget that has combined several abilities that could be undertaken by various devices in a single one. Cubot phone has also done the same, this smartphone comes with super camera capabilities, for people who love taking photos, this phone will do great justice to them. Let us take a case of the Cubot Cheetah phone, to start with; the front camera uses the Samsung 13MP image sensor while the back camera uses 8MP. This smartphone gives selfie lovers great moments with their phones, the rear camera is also great and record moments as they are.  This phone among other Cubot phones will not frustrate you with images that are not even worth sharing with the friends. With the camera of the Cubot phone, you will probably be the one taking group photos due to the clarity and sharpness if images that are produced. This is the ultimate phone for all the photo lovers who appreciate memories and the need to keep them with dignified images.

  1. Battery life

Cubot Battery

Cubot phones will give you a longer time with your phone than most phones around. This is maybe one thing that will make you pick this phone and not any other. Cubot dinosaur has a battery capacity of 4150mAh. Such a capacity may take a heavy user of the phone more than a day without shutting down. I would say that this is what will makes a customer buy this phone. Most smartphones around have battery capacities that are lower than 3000mAh. If you need to have a high interaction with your phone, some of these batteries often fail their users. I can guarantee that the rest of the Cubot phones will not disappoint you at any day. These are the days when we need gadgets that will be powered up most of the times to allow us to carry out our day to day work without worrying about charging the phone. Most times when the phone is charging, there is not much that you can do with the phone. I think Cubot makers are working tirelessly to ensure that they give phones that will enhance the user experience more that other phones around

  1. Style

Phone style

These phones come in styles and designs that all of us will agree with me that they are unique. Buyers who are interested in the style and design of a smartphone, this phone will give you what you need. Cubot X17 is in the class of a phone that stands out from the crowd. The body is 6.1mm thick and weighs 145 grams. The phone comes with power in such a small body but still able to carry out all other functions that other smartphones can, the only difference being its unique style. Cubot X9 is still another phone whose style will not disappoint a buyer who is keen on style with the mobile phone that he uses. This phone has soft curves that make it easier to handle. It is also a low weight phone that does not weigh you down when in your pocket. Other Cubot phones are also in line with style. You will rarely see a Cubot phone that turns you off at the mere sight of it

  1. Connectivity


4G is now what everyone wants on their phone. Cubot phones have worked towards making this a reality. For shoppers who want this connectivity on their phones, Cubot will have something for you. The Cubot H2 comes with 4G connectivity that gives you the ability to stream videos and experience fast Internet. Cubot phones have tried to make this advancement in most of their phones. I believe that connectivity is something that many people would consider in their smartphones. The reason is that it is easier to conduct conference calls with a smartphone, connect to people from other parts of the country faster and easier. This may also limit the need of using a PC because of its bulkiness. What the Cubot phone has done is that it has given you a lot in a phone that most of the gadgets will not give you. This is the reason as to why many people will opt to go for this phone primarily increasing its demand in the Kenyan market.

  1. Operating system

Android OS

The Cubot phones will give you the latest Android OS in the world. Most of their smartphones run on the latest Android operating system. This is essential as every Android OS that is revealed is an upgrade of the previous operating system. Lovers of technology will highly appreciate this fact. The Cheetah phone is one of the Cubot phones that is operating with the 6.0 marshmallow Android OS. To begin with, with a simple tap you get shortcuts that give you what you want. Phones with this operating system limit the charge used by your phone by putting the phone in a standby mode when not in use. Most exciting is that you don’t need to have a million and one passwords; your fingerprint will allow you the access that you need on the phone. The Cubot phone ticks because of always being in touch with the latest technology as well as incorporating it in the smartphones they make.

  1. Price

We have gone through some of the amazing things that you can get with the Cubot phone. The only thing is just that you will have to pay a price to get any of the phones. The good news is that the Cubot phones come with prices that are quite affordable. With all these amazing features you expect the phones to be super expensive, but this is not the case for the Cubot phone. With as low as Ksh 10, 000 you can get a phone that will give you great services and more so durability. This is what appeals to most individuals about this phone. As a matter of fact, the reason as to why I would own yet another Cubot phone is that is that it will give me room for upgrade at a very good price. If you spend a lot of money on a phone, the next time a better one comes you might not get it as fast because you spent a fortune on the one that you have. With Cubot you can upgrade once they release a brand that is appealing to you. This is one of the reasons as to why these phones are always getting out of stock regularly.


At first, people questioned the durability of the Cubot phone. This is not the case anymore as this phone has proved that it gives quality. The specs that this phone comes with gives you a wide range of smartphones to choose from. This will mainly be determined by what you need in a phone. Cubot has taken the time to ensure that in every phone there is something that stands out. If it is a camera, there are those phones that you will go for and they will give you great photos. If its speed, there are those that run on 4G for people who need higher speeds with the internet.

That said and done the next time you get into a stall or in the online market, be sure to choose the Cubot phone that will give you what you want. Something which you are comfortable with etc. at least I can guarantee that the Cubot phones are here to stay, and I foresee this phone being the best brand in the Kenyan smartphone market as it has proved its worth.

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