Best iPhone 4 Cydia Tweaks

Having an iPhone is a must nowadays and the same thing I can say about jailbreaking it for using Cydia apps. I own an iPhone 4 and this is the reason why I can recommend you a couple of the best iPhone 4 Cydia Tweaks.

I am going to start with Activator, because I find it very important for the fact that it allows you to configure shortcut gestures to launch your favorite app. I advise you to combine Activator with another useful app, which is Notified. This way, you will get an Android style global notification window. Try it!


You also need something that allows you to configure the multitask bar in order to give visual distinction to the apps that are already running on the background, and the ones that’s not. For this action, I present you SwitcherMod, a very useful tweak, believe me.

I am sure that you want to skin your iOS screens away and to change the icons and this is why I recommend you to use WinterBoard or DreamBoard, both of them helping you to control theming and skinning your iPhone.

These are only a couple of the Tweaks available for your iPhone 4, once it was jailbroken. As you probably know, Cydia offers you many more of these and if you want to know more, you only have to go online and do a research and I strongly advise you to do that because once you have these new toys installed, you will enjoy your device even more.

When more and more devices are running on the famous LTE network, it was time for Apple to release a 4G iPhone capable of offering higher speed and data transfer. The famous iPhone 5 is the only Apple device which supports the LTE network at this time. The purpose of such network is to offer faster downloads, higher speed for traffic and possible quality calls included in data iPhone plans.
4G-iPhone-5-300x215However, the quality of such service depends on various factors such as the carrier, the device itself and the location of the owner. Since in the past years it was something new, carriers offered only small coverage for this service. Now, possibilities increased along with the number of smart devices supporting 4G. I know that many people want to know what to expect from a 4G iPhone. As I mentioned earlier, the most important features offered by a LTE network is the speed for transfer, download and traffic. This is something quite impressing especially these days when people use internet on their device more than ever. If you are eager to try out this feature, you can purchase a 4G iPhone, namely iPhone 5 and start using it. Since it has only partial coverage, first, find out if your personal location is among the preferred zones. In the same time, you should check for the best iPhone plans offered by various carriers. The iPhone cost does not mean only the price of the device. It includes the whole amount of money that you will be paying until the contract ends. In some cases, if you do not pay attention, you will be paying your iPhone twice.

There are some notable aspects that users should know related to 4G devices, especially 4g iPhone. When you do not have 4G coverage, you can always use the 3G possibility. It is slower, but effective in crisis. If the 4G feature does not satisfy you, you can sell iPhone and get a new smart device with different options.

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