The Droid Smart Phone Review

The new Droid phone by Motorola is living up to the hype. Many people are saying that it is comparable to the iPhone with some better features. It is the first phone of its kind to be compared to the iPhone on a comparable scale and have some people reaching past the iPhone and choosing the Droid.

Motorola Droid 2-2

The Droid is a classy looking phone that is big and easy to grip. Its screen is 3.7 inches which is even bigger than the iPhone. It contains 16 million hues for color and 440×1854 pixels making it a bright and matte looking finish. The graphics are sharp and detailed and truly impressive to look at.

The keyboard is flat with big buttons that make it easy for some people to use and tricky for others because of the smoothness of the keys. The Droid is a bit heavy weighting 5.96 oz and seems bigger than the iPhone; however it has a trim looking design that makes it easy to grasp.

Some common complaints about the Droid are that its sliding motion is a bit stiff making it hard to open. And on the opposite end, closing the Droid can seem a bit too sensitive. Many people say that by accident the Droid`s keyboard seems to close on them before they are even ready. The Droid also does not have physical talk control which means that to access the phone you have to close the menu and open a new application to access the calling functions.

Also many people argue that it takes too long to call somebody and then that there is no easy way to hang up from a phone call. The dial pad accessibility seems inadequate and the calendars are not fully integrated and there is no dual mode. Its phone features seem to suffer as they paid lots of attention to the web browser.

Accessing the web is a quick and easy. The Droid has a strong wireless connection service that is sure to please even the pickiest of customers. There are widgets on the screen that are fast to access and give immediate results. Many people were happy with the speed of the internet service.

Although it`s a Motorola phone, it doesn`t feature MotoBlur software as on the Clic; however it has been argued that the Droid is aimed at a different customer base. There are many applications that have been added including Android 2.0 updates. People love the new applications and the way in which they can easily access them. The handset is extremely fast making it easy to use.


Selecting a phone can be tricky, with all of the options, colors and styles available. Motorola customers who are loyal to their brand have enjoyed using the Droid and say that the web browsing options are wonderful while they were slightly disappointed with the phone accessibility. Most people would argue that it`s just a matter of taste and that everyone will have a different view and opinion. Its nice shinny design makes it nice to look at and with such a huge screen it lives up to its glamour look and style. It h  as been marketed toward competing with the iPhone and seems to do just that as it goes head to head with the most popular brand around.

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Motorola Droid 2
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